With 130 years of experience and with a maintained competence in design as well as construction and manufacturing, we are able to custom manufacture luminaires according to the customer’s specific wishes.

We have during 2021 and most likely during 2022 experienced a very high demand on our workshop and construction department, which is why we currently must decline most requests. However, if it is in relation to a historically interesting environment, we can make an exception - so please do not hesitate to email in your request.

Our expertise is primarily luminaires in classic design, where we often manufacture after originals or images. With our great style-historical knowledge and rich archive of lamp catalogues from the early 1800s and onwards, we can also advise on what type of lamps will suit different historical environments, especially if antiquarian aspects need to be taken into account.
One of the more significant assignments we have of this kind is the manufacture of Svenskt Tenn’s luminaire range, which we have been manufacturing for a number of years. The expectation is very high to resemble Josef Frank’s originals from the 1930s. It requires a great understanding of the manufacturing conditions during the 1930s, but also of Josef Frank’s special design style that emerged between Art Nouveau and Modernism.

Other examples of smaller projects with great historical consideration is the construction of the ceiling luminaires for the former Art Nouveau cafe at Grand Hotel in Stockholm, designed by Lars Israel Wahlman (the architect also behind the Engelbrekt Church) in 1904 and for which models only existed in the form of black and white photographs.

Another example is the design and manufacture of a large number of 1920s style ceiling lamps for Stockholm Central Station and for what was previously known as the waiting room for first class travellers. Even in this case, models only existed as black and white photographs.