During the 137 years we have manufactured lamps in Karlskrona, a lot has changed, not at the factory, but in the world outside. Gradually, the conditions of the small-scale craft industry along with the ever-increasing time constraints and growing wage differences between the rich and poor, set demands on mass production where the machines do more and more and the craftsmen do less and less. The design of household appliances are adapted to the production instead of the other way around as it once was.

The reasons why we have not adjusted to the external circumstances, but continued in our own way, is mainly due to an inherited pride in the craftsmanship that we have built up over the years, but also because we ourselves like our products very much. This is why we still use our German machines from the 1880s and which is also why our lamps are designed based on the architectural language of antiquity - tried and liked ever since the ancient Greeks and Romans once formed its conditions.

That we have been able to run our business during all these years is not mainly due to ourselves, but also because there has always been conscious customers who have valued
quality and sustainability - who believe that a product made by hand and from quality materials is an investment for both the soul and the environment as well for the wallet.

We believe that the most beautiful products are created if design, product development and manufacturing are seen as a cohesive unit. At the factory, the designer, foreman and craftsman work closely together with daily discussions on how manufacturing is best suited and how we can develop products as well as manufacturing methods - a human exchange that is the basic precondition for a tradition to be passed on from generation to generation.

Valdemar Skantze,
Lamp Manufacturer